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Wedding in Florence: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Planner a Firenze
Tala Design combines 20 years of experience with the magic of art, perfection in detail, and passion in every event. These are the ingredients for the perfect wedding in Florence.

This allows us to be your go-to wedding planner in Tuscany, where every wish takes shape.

Choosing Florence for a Dream Wedding: Between History and Beauty

A city of famous poets, of artists admired by the world even after hundreds of years, Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, is the place to live the day of “I do” in the name of beauty.

Culture is the thread that leads through the art of the Sala Rossa or the Salone dei Cinquecento or, why not, the Sala di Lorenzo, making Palazzo Vecchio one of the most renowned places.

Santa Maria del Fiore with Brunelleschi’s dome and also the Basilica of Santa Croce with the magic of Carrara marble are among the favorite churches for the Catholic rite in Florence.

Villa Corsini

Villa Corsini Esterno
Here, one immerses in the atmosphere of the most authentic Chianti. Not far from Florence, the location is the ideal meeting between the colors of nature and those of art. The monumental gardens make it unique, and then there’s the magic of the frescoed halls. The charming inner courtyard is the center around which the Salons develop, places of sought-after value.

Villa Corsini Interni

The key to the choice lies in the possibility of combining nature outside with the art of the interior environments, class is the thread that leads the bride and groom and guests through the perfect day. Aperitif, lunch, cake, and open bar are enriched with a distinct quality, ideal for those looking for an elegant but also engaging wedding.

Welcome to Cibreo

Welcome Aperitif al Cibreo

Inside a splendid five-star hotel, the Helvetia Bristol, we find this enchanting place. The sign is one of the institutions in the most authentic Florence. Not surprisingly, the place stands out for its menus that accompany through the seasons, where genuineness at zero kilometers is transformed into the art of flavor.

The places with a retro charm preserve the wise art of welcoming, the wine list is excellent, and you will have the opportunity to test the best Tuscan and Italian wines guided by the sommelier who will lead you on an unforgettable emotional tour. If cocktails are your passion, you will learn to prepare a special Negroni! The environments are a combination of modernity and old-time charm. They will be the perfect setting for moments you will remember for a lifetime.

The Lodge

the lodge firenze
Refined and modern, The Lodge Club is the exclusivity of a location with a very contemporary look. Ideal for dinner, the place promises all the spectacle that Florence from above can show. The restaurant inside is particularly exclusive, while the exteriors are ideal for aperitifs.

Here the menu is pure experimentation among seasonal ingredients and references to international cuisine. The chefs and the service in the room are the added value, in line with the level of quality.

From aperitif to dinner to after-dinner, here you taste the ingredients of an authentic and modern Florence.

Florence: A Romantic Picture Framed by the Tuscan Countryside

Dalle location da sogno alle prelibatezze culinarie

Capturing the right shot is not so complicated when the location is the Boboli Gardens, a UNESCO heritage site. Florence is not just the Ponte Vecchio and the Dome of Brunelleschi, the intertwining of historic streets follows a path dictated by history and art in its palaces. First among all, the Uffizi Museum, a must-visit for you and your guests.

Beauty is everywhere in Tuscany, even in the hills that surround it, here Florence is discovered even more romantic. The enchantment is appreciated in the atmosphere that envelops a few steps from the center, the hills of Fiesole, the Tuscan countryside, and further south the Chianti are just a hint of what the area offers. These are the places in which to live the special day and, why not, lose oneself in a love escape.

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From Dream Locations to Culinary Delights

Florence is the most famous city of art in Italy but is also the ideal point in which to live the essence of Italian cuisine.

Fettunta, the name might appear new to most: this tells of bread, toasted to the right crispiness, flavored with a rub of garlic and enriched with Tuscan EVO oil. Then there’s the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, an authentic icon of culinary tradition. The Ribollita is the alternative that vegetarians will love madly being this a dish of the Tuscan tradition that delights in every season.

There’s no Florentine wedding if Cantucci and Vin Santo are not among the guests, the sweet union comes from the kitchen meeting the art of good living.

Wedding Planning in Florence: The Help of an Expert for a flowless Wedding

Space for choice and very comfortable distances are some of the advantages in deciding on Florence to crown one’s dream of love. The rest comes from a careful selection of locations and experience with suppliers.

Preparation and attention to detail are the ingredients that guide the imagination on a journey that is different every time, the bride and groom are indeed the protagonists of a canvas all to be drawn.

Organizing the day of “I do” is the art of realizing desires to create an exclusive event, different but above all unique. Florence is beauty, art, romanticism, good food, excellent wine, and good times to share.

Florence is not just a city, but a stage where every wedding becomes a work of art, an unforgettable event that will remain etched in the hearts of the bride and groom and their guests.

Choosing Florence and Tala Design means entrusting the most beautiful day of one’s life to true artists of wedding planning, capable of turning dreams into real moments, where the beauty of Tuscany frames timeless love stories.

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