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Wedding at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea in Taormina

As you gaze out from the terrace of this location in Taormina, it’s easy to feel the embrace of the sea’s love.

I’m Sabrina Talarico, a Wedding Planner specializing in weddings. Through Tala Design, I’m dedicated to bringing to life the magical union of two hearts and their dream of love, especially amidst the stunning backdrop of Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea.



The sea views of Taormina provide the perfect backdrop, while the culinary experience showcases the rich flavors of local gastronomy, seamlessly blending the sea’s abundance with the Sicilian land delicacies.

For your outdoor banquet, the English garden offers an ideal setting, but it’s the Terrazza Mazzarò that truly captivates with its unique vantage point. At Villa Sant’Andrea, tempting menus await, crafted by ingenious chefs who bring forth creations that captivate the palate.

The wine selections highlight local excellence, and let’s not forget the aperitifs: the exclusive Sant’Andrea cocktail, crisp and refreshing, pairs perfectly with the mesmerizing spectacle of the sea. Whether you’re enjoying the Brizza on the beach, dining at the Restaurant, or savoring moments at the Sant’Andrea Bar, each setting offers a perfect ambiance.

Hotel Rooms

Rooms Villa Sant'Andrea in Taormina

Nestled in a special location, each room at this venue boasts one of the most romantic views overlooking the Mazzarò bay. Taormina’s allure lies in its picture-perfect panorama, especially enchanting when savored just before retiring for the night.

While the double rooms may be slightly cozier compared to the suites, they allow an even greater sense of intimacy. At Sant’Andrea every guest is treated like royalty, with king-size beds. It’s no wonder each room features a bathroom adorned with exquisite marble accents.

The suites range from the charming Junior version to larger ones with a private pool. Luxury is the hallmark of these exquisite rooms, where beauty is enhanced by tastefully fine furnishings, for an experience that’s nothing short of magical.

Guest Reviews

Those who have experienced it once, will come back time and again, drawn by its effortless charm. After all, perfection leaves little room for doubt. This sentiment echoes throughout the reviews, where the location stands out as one of the most beloved features.

The commitment to an excellent  quality of service, with particular praise for the choice of king-size beds—ensures every guest feels truly pampered. Whether it’s for a night stay or a reception, impeccable timing elevates every moment to something effortlessly natural.

While impeccable service might seem like a standard expectation, it’s the exceptional ability to turn the unexpected into the ordinary that truly sets this experience apart. Here, quality transcends the ordinary.

How Many Bedrooms Are There at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea?

With a total of sixty-nine rooms and suites, this venue provides a range of accommodations for events. While most options feature double occupancy, some suites feature double bedrooms.

En-suite bathrooms are a standard feature, when hosting high-level receptions. Guests are captivated by the exquisite quality of marble and bathroom furnishings. Each room also boasts a privileged view of one of Taormina’s most romantic vistas. The hotel offers several enticing services, a kids’ club for families and a pool and wellness center for all guests to enjoy. While it can accommodate many, it’s best suited for intimate gatherings rather than large events.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Wedding at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea?

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Wedding at Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea

Talking about figures is like putting a price on a dream—it’s practically impossible. However, this venue provides a plethora of options, allowing you to tailor the space to match your desires perfectly.

While their offerings are of high quality, the price may pleasantly surprise you, especially when coupled with their organizational expertise. The balanced choice of menus, floral arrangements, and decorations are the elements to work on to align your budget for the realization of your dream event.

Customization is key, as this venue is equipped to accommodate even the most discerning requests. Opting for a smaller guest list can often provide greater flexibility for additional elements.

Wedding Planner Sabrina of Tala Design

Entrusting your special day to Sabrina means embracing an experienced approach that begins with an in-depth discussion to understand the couple’s vision. From there, meticulous planning begins, with timelines typically ranging from two years to two months before the wedding.

Central to this process is the careful selection of suppliers and leveraging Sabrina’s extensive contractual expertise. This precise framework not only ensures efficiency but also minimizes waste. At Tala Design, our standards are high, with a focus on partnering with suppliers known for excellence in their respective fields, whether it’s top-tier florists or cutting-edge audiovisual services.

Yet, beyond the logistics lies a deeper commitment to beauty and romantic passion, infusing each event with unique vibrations.

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