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Masserie in Puglia for Weddings: Curiosities and What You Need to Know?

Puglia is one of those regions that has so much to offer, especially to those who choose it as their destination for their wedding day. Suspended between rustic and shabby chic, the context of the masseria (a type of farmhouse) is what increasingly inspires future spouses. Make your dream come true with Sabrina, a wedding planner from Italy capable of turning every moment into an unforgettable memory.

The architecture recalls the fortresses of the past, in a sense, rural constructions were originally created to protect agricultural activities from incursions during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The masserie then became true country residences, incorporating all the comforts of the era.

The refined mix is the result of a recent interpretation, some masserie in Puglia are a spectacle that is hard to resist.

Choosing the Ideal Masseria: Tips and Aspects to Consider

The love for a masseria – especially if one is fortunate enough to visit them in person – can only be love at first sight. The hills of Murgia and the plains of Salento are the territories that host masserie of unique beauty.

However, the right experience is needed to ensure that the dream of the most suitable location becomes a happy reality. One aspect to consider is the size of the masseria: it might turn out to be smaller than necessary or, conversely, too large compared to the number of guests.

Choosing a masseria opens the opportunity to have the entire structure dedicated to your event, which translates into greater exclusivity but at the same time requires a particular commitment in contractual terms. A professional approach can make the difference.

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From the Ceremony to Local Gastronomy

Whether it’s a religious wedding or a civil ceremony, Puglia offers numerous contexts in which to exchange vows for life in a dreamlike environment. Many masserie have a chapel, an ideal place for those who prefer an intimate ceremony.

What is not lacking in a masseria is space, which could be ideal both for exchanging vows outdoors and for setting up a banquet with guests. However, the climate should be considered, as Puglia is perfect from spring to late autumn.

Ideally, for a wedding in a masseria, one should give free expression to the local culinary genius. The region preserves one of the most appreciated cuisines, a place of flavors where the colors of the Mediterranean paint a millenary culture. A wedding in Puglia is also to be savored.

Wedding Traditions and Customs in Puglia: A Journey Through History and Culture

Here, a wedding is a moment of celebration but lets one perceive, in its depth, something more magical. Its particular location evokes distant origins, a crossroads of cultures and customs that have shaped the traditions of the places.

Those who marry in a masseria in Puglia cannot escape the ancient custom according to which the bride should wear something old, given to her by a happily married woman, something blue as the color represents fidelity, and something new as a symbol of happiness.

Similarly, the groom should wear a flower of the same type as those in the bride’s bouquet. This tradition recalls the medieval custom of a knight wearing the colors of his beloved. Puglia is also much more, preserving a certainly more intense sense.

How Much Does a Wedding in a Masseria Cost?

Opting for a masseria means having an entire structure dedicated to your event, the choice therefore falls on the degree of care in the service by the staff. Both the spouses and the guests will never feel like they are experiencing a standardized experience.

The costs could rise, however, if there is no experienced organization. Choosing the right masseria is the element that optimizes expenses, many less mainstream places sometimes allow for good negotiating strength. The number of guests, decorations, and menus are important items in the budget, the art lies in ensuring their balance.

Tala Design: Your Wedding Planner

Love for detail is one of the constants that accompanies the art of Sabrina Talarico and her staff, which is why every event is a different story from all the others. Organizing a wedding is part of a journey, well-structured but with a different finale each time.

The event begins at least a few months before the big day, but anticipating by 12 months allows for everything to be taken care of in the most convenient way. Sabrina takes the couple by the hand on a path that leads to the most beautiful day. The language is that of colors and beauty, emotions are the natural consequence.

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