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Wedding at Borgo Egnazia: Everything You Need to Know

Piscina Borgo Egnazia

Taladesign’s locations are those that aim straight for the heart, the secret of a perfect wedding indeed lies in the emotion. Here’s why in a beautifully realized Apulian dream by Sabrina Piedmontese Wedding Planner.

Where the lands of the Pizzica meet the notes of the Taranta, cultures intersect in the name of beauty. The red of the earth follows the ancient olive trees that color an old but always charming countryside. Borgo Egnazia is a corner of Puglia to love.

Excellence is what the visitor finds. The charm is enclosed in an essence that is completely simple, luxury here is not ostentatious but captures the senses in the name of simplicity. The roots are those of nearby Egnathia, a place with a deep history also remembered by Horace.

On the borders between the lands of Brindisi and Bari, Borgo Egnazia is suspended between the light and the form of Apulian constructions. The art of tuff is the protagonist in an environment that envelops and involves in a journey made of relaxation and the art of good living, breakfasts prepared by hand by housewives and gourmet proposals to discover the flavors of the Mediterranean.



The beauty of the land of Puglia is also in the flavors of a kitchen open to the meeting of traditions. Borgo Egnazia’s offer interprets the variations of taste to embrace every preference.

Due Camini, La Frasca, Calamasciola, La Calce, Il Porticato, Da Frisella, and A Pizzeri’ are just some of the variations in which the essence of Apulian taste is revived. From peasant specialties to reinterpretations of starred cuisine, passing through proposals designed for vegetarian menus, the Borgo offers a unique culinary experience.

The traditional offer is enriched by the Dine Around formula, designed as a half-board option to broaden the discovery of the surrounding area’s excellences. Borgo Egnazia is a journey in taste.

Hotel Rooms

Le camere Borgo Egnazia

The entrance is marked by the traditional typical stone arch, the white of the tuff welcomes the visitor into the most precious center of the Borgo. The Corte is the true heart of Borgo Egnazia, here the gourmet restaurant and spa introduce to the splendor of the Corti Bella, Splendida, and Magnifica where the value reaches its peak.

With a more intimate atmosphere but with all the romance of Apulia, the accommodations of the Borgo are the real places of the heart. The style is rustic with all local peculiarities, where white is the common thread that unites in the name of beauty.

The houses surround the central square, creating a maze of green gardens and dreamy pools. These are the tribute to the historic holiday accommodations, places dedicated to the relaxation of the family in an environment that is cozy and precious at the same time.

Guest Reviews

At Borgo Egnazia, one comes in search of superior class service, here obviously even the smallest detail is not left to chance. This is one of the aspects most appreciated by guests, the evocative location is indeed sought after as much as the impeccable service.

Particularly appreciated are the central square, a place that offers the feeling of living in a village context, but also the typicalities of the cuisine and quality entertainment. The value of the rooms and the dreamy atmosphere make it a place to cherish among the most precious memories.

How Many Bedrooms are there at Borgo Egnazia

Considering only the Corte, there are 63 romantic rooms. Here guests find the relaxation of an atmosphere made of typical stone details, lanterns, and candles.

The Borgo houses 92 rooms, located in typical two-story buildings. The garden is the element that accompanies these accommodations, more suitable for families compared to the rooms of the Corte.

The 27 Houses are the exclusive solutions with even more refined comfort. Each House is distinguished by the size of the pool and garden, the spaces are large and can accommodate up to six people.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Wedding at Borgo Egnazia?

The location is one of those to choose to live the true dream wedding, the standard is not at all easy but can become more accessible with the help of some strategic choices.

Costs are directly related to the number of guests but also to the type of service requested. Even the simple central square can offer unique suggestions, thanks to floral decorations and light plays.

The hotel accommodations and the choice of menus allow for an interesting negotiating margin, experience is needed to get enticing offers.

Wedding Planner Sabrina of Taladesign

The secret of success lies in preparation. The wedding day is the apex of a journey that starts from afar, which is why Sabrina loves to accompany the couple day after day until the moment of emotions.

Attention to detail and professionalism with suppliers are some secrets for successful wedding planning, Taladesign reads desires to translate them into experience. All this is enriched by the charm of the romantic land of Puglia.


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