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Wedding at Taormina Four Seasons San Domenico Palace

Terrazza Four Season

The moment of “yes” is the dream of love taking shape, and Tala Design is at the service of the couple on their most important day, starting with the location. The fantasy of the HBO series “The White Lotus” features the San Domenico Palace in Taormina, where the spectacle of nature meets the pinnacle of style. We collaborate with many other venues for getting married in Taormina.

Getting Married at Four Seasons San Domenico Palace

The Dominican friars noticed its rare beauty as far back as 1374, the privileged panorama inspires with the meeting of the blue Ionian Sea and the azure sky over Taormina. The hotel encapsulates a history rich in events, born from an excellent conversion to the Dominican order but also dotted with bombings in war and reconstructions.

The memory of the place accompanies its cultural value; since 1950, the hotel’s halls have hosted the most famous icons, including Sophia Loren and Greta Garbo, as well as Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. In 2017, it housed world leaders on the occasion of the G7 in Taormina. The enchantment of the place speaks for itself, history is its natural consequence.

This is not just a prestigious hotel structure; it’s a place where dreams take shape, and every detail is thought to create unforgettable moments. The beauty of the landscape, enhanced by gardens of touching beauty, the elegance of the rooms, the refinement of the cuisine, and the warmth of the welcome merge into a unique experience, making it the ideal choice to celebrate the most important day in a couple’s life.


If cooking is art, Sicilian cuisine is an expression that tickles all the senses. Adding the interpretation of chef Massimo Montarro means experiencing the flavors of Sicily in an essential and refined way at the same time.

San Domenico Palace offers a private room, the ideal environment to accompany the masterpiece of the kitchen to one of the most beautiful views of Taormina’s bay. The Principe Cerami is a refined place; the chic-style restaurant is just one of the corners dedicated to dining. There’s also the Anciovi bar, the ideal space for an aperitif by the pool.

Ristorante Matrimonio Seasons Hotel

The areas dedicated to events allow for a range of outdoor areas where the beauty of nature blends with the architectural beauty of the San Domenico Palace, as in the Belvedere garden, and indoor spaces like the splendid Ancient Cloister, the beautiful and spacious indoor Ballroom.

Hotel Rooms

Camere Hotel Four Seasons

Of fine value, the rooms are the natural continuation of a dream day. Perfection is the only standard allowed here, where design lines follow a conservative renovation. The most important ones offer a breathtaking view of the beautiful sea of Taormina.

Beauty is interpreted in every environment, from the choice of marbles for the bathroom to the versatility of the spaces. The hotel’s offer is very high, starting from the Superior room up to the Executive Suite with plunge pool and sea view. And to think that, in the past, the rooms were the cells of the convent.

Guest Reviews

Courtesy is the value most appreciated by guests, yet the 5 stars suggest reasons to be appreciated. The view is enchanting, the hotel is one of Taormina’s gems. Many recommend the rooms with sea and Etna slopes view, the cuisine and services are appreciated and renowned.

How many bedrooms are there at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace?

How can luxury be welcoming? The answer lies in the rooms the hotel offers to guests. It starts from the Deluxe room with sea view, then there are the Superior rooms with garden or sea view, the Premium sea view, and the Premium variant with sea view terrace.

Considering the amenities, the offer is able to guarantee perfect rest but especially an ideal stay. Most of the rooms are ideal for two people, but the hotel also offers solutions for 3 guests.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace?

Quality is the element that decides its value, and here excellence marks the pace of the offer. Being able to use a no-stop service for rooms, as well as a Spa, the dedicated gym, and babysitting service are elements that justify its value.

The target of the structure is high, and the cost of the solution depends on numerous factors such as, for example, the number of guests, the reserved spaces and customizations, the floral arrangements, the choice of the menu. Having Tala Design by your side will allow you to achieve the best possible result!

Wedding planner, choosing Sabrina from Taladesign

The tailor-made option is the ideal approach to make the day of the “yes” truly special. The process is part of the formula signed by Sabrina Talarico, usually starting at least a year before the chosen day. In some special cases, it may happen to organize a wedding with only a few months’ notice.

The choice of location, accommodation for guests, organization of the trip, selection of suppliers, and many other details come only after careful analysis of the couple’s needs. That’s why the project starts with a direct interview, initially via a video call to start getting to know each other.

The day approaches and the pressure rises, for everyone else but not for those who have chosen to make the wedding not just a passion but a real profession. Every aspect is checked, from the choice of suppliers to assisting the bride during the day.

The passion for art meets that for beauty: here’s the perfect formula for a special “yes,” even at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace.

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