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The Best Wedding Venues in Taormina

The Pearl of Sicily: The Ideal Place to Transform a Lifetime ‘Yes’ into a True Poetry of Feelings. Choosing Tala Design means entrusting your wedding to a passionate wedding planner, starting from the selection of venues. Art cities and fairy-tale landscapes are thus the ingredients of an enchanting formula. Here are some ideas for a wedding in the fabulous Taormina.

Wedding at Villa Sant’Andrea at Belmond

Matrimonio a Villa Sant'Andrea al Belmond

It is the ideal place to combine sophisticated style with the authenticity of nature in its beauty. The location is just steps away from the sea, a refined place to admire the simple enchantment of a sunset from a privileged viewpoint where to say ”I do” also on the beach if you wish a pieds dans l’eau wedding! The space reserved for wedding receptions on the Mazzarò Terrace overlooking the beautiful bay. The scenarios are ideal for sharing the most beautiful day in one of the chicest places on the coast. That’s Taormina is all about.


Belmond Ristorante

It’s a lunch at Ristorante Sant’Andrea or an aperitif at Brizza, the location offers culinary excellence in a reinterpretation of the typical island cuisine. Critics highlight the quality, but it’s the direct experience that speaks for itself; the place is one of the best in Taormina.

Hotel Rooms

Camere d’hotel

Whether double rooms, Junior suites, simple suites, or those with a pool, each accommodation offers an example of excellence. Luxury here is in the unostentatious care of detail, like a flute of champagne at sunset to wish for the best of a new beginning.

Guest Reviews

Recensioni ospiti

A dream wedding, that’s what the location can offer to those who choose it. The scenery of Mazzarò beach is particularly appreciated, a magical place also for those who decide to have a symbolic ceremony on the beach. The solution is a deserved five-star.

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Marrying at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace

For those who love landscapes, this location is simply irresistble; the hotel boasts a very long history. Formerly a Dominican convent, the structure was founded in 1374 and expanded in the late nineteenth century. Celebrities like Oscar Wilde and then Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren have passed through it. In 2017, the hotel hosted the world’s leaders during the G7 in Taormina. Here, history is second to none in beauty, in a place of unique significance. Celebrating one’s wedding here is a dream.


The cuisine is the starred creation of chef Massimo Montarro, with a menu characterized by typical Sicilian specialties but revisited in a very particular way. The flavors of the island undergo an author’s interpretation, in a uniquely charming context.

Hotel Rooms

The marble bathrooms are unmistakable. The hotel is the choice for those seeking a high-level place even in its architecture, with rooms for 2 or 3 people starting from the Superior offer to the Premium proposal with sea-view terrace. Many rooms were the cells of the ancient convent; the sense of peace remains preserved, the rest is unostentatious luxury.

Guest Reviews

The view of the places is among the most appreciated elements by guests. The author’s cuisine and the attention to detail make it a dream location.

Wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo at Belmond Hotel

Matrimonio al Grand Hotel Timeo al Belmond Hotel
Having a privileged view of the city, combining it with a suggestive terrace and a panorama of the sea from above: these are the ingredients of the perfect ceremony. The place is ideal for those who love the charm of the beauty of other times, where classical architecture combines with the perfect landscape and the magic of lights.



The cuisine lies in the meeting of traditional flavors with the art of experimentation. The compositions revisit the local ingredients to return true works of art on the table, the Sicilian culture also passes through these prestigious menus.

Hotel Rooms

Camere d’hotel

Whether double rooms, Junior suites, or suites overlooking the sea, the solutions offered by the hotel can satisfy every need. The value of the commodities does the rest.

Guest Reviews

Recensioni ospiti Hotel Timeo

The location is particularly appreciated, certainly for its cuisine and the quality of service in general. Excellence chooses itself, the place is what offers a dream wedding.

What to Do the Day Before?

Organizing a wedding in one of these hotels also means knowing how to welcome guests on the eve of the ceremony. The day before is an intense moment and, as such, requires meticulous preparation. The idea of a Welcome drink could be an introduction that brings people together, as well as a dinner at Medousa, an enchanting bistrot nastled in a garden in the middle of Taormina or Ristorante Nunziatina, a kaleidoscopic restaurant, are interesting ways to let people appreciate the beauty and goodness of Sicily. A drink and some dancing at Morgana, one of the coolest place I’ve ever been, could be the perfect way to end the day with a quality After party. It’s too early to be tired, there’s still more to celebrate, the night in Taormina is still long.

Marrying in Taormina is not just a choice of style, but a true journey through the beauty, history, and culture of one of the most enchanting places in Sicily. Each location mentioned offers not just a spectacular setting, but a comprehensive experience that touches all the senses. From luxury to the refined charm of terraces with breathtaking views, to culinary delights that reinterpret Sicilian tradition, Taormina reveals itself to be the ideal choice for those who desire a unique and unforgettable wedding.

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